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A Golden Age of Opera

“In light of current world events, First Coast Opera has shifted its upcoming concert from a focus on 19th Century Russian Opera selections to works by their contemporaries in Italy, France, and Germany. The Golden Age of Opera predates the former Soviet Union and the current Russian regime. While we feel this music should be heard, our company and our artists, which includes both Ukrainian and Russian guest artists, feel compelled to postpone our exploration of Russian musical culture to a future time when, hopefully, it can be celebrated without the lingering dark cloud of aggression and war.”

Travel back to late 19th century Europe as First Coast Opera presents The Golden Age of Opera, a concert of popular and important selections from Italian, French, and German operas. Step into the historic pool at the beautiful Lightner Museum and be transported.

The concert will feature works by Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Charles Gounod, Jules Massenet, Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss, and others, hear why this Romantic Period has remained center stage in opera houses around the world.

Hosted by FCO Artistic Director Curtis Tucker, guest artists will be accompanied by Metropolitan Opera pianist and coach Yelena Kurdina. Featuring soprano Zhanna Alkhazova; tenor Eric Botto, baritone Thomas Gunther and baritone Dirk Gavin McCoy.

Photos courtesy Renee Unsworth, Totally St. Augustine

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