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Bringing the Story to Life

Tony Cisek, Set Designer -- The scenic design for La Bohème was born from the director's notion that the opera starts as Rodolfo is leaving Paris after the death of Mimi. Looking around the now-abandoned garret where he, Marcello and the other Bohemians once lived, he finds Mimi's red beret and his memories come flooding back. 

In support of this notion, we have created an environment not unlike an attic full of furniture and other objects, once full of life and meaning, now covered with paint-splattered drop cloths. As Rodolfo relives his days in Paris with his fellow Bohemians, he uncovers pieces of their world, like dusting off old memories. We've also added a few elements of delight to help the environment "come alive" at certain moments. 

We hope you'll enjoy them.

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