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Playbill Advertising

Our audience can be your audience.  Reach them for a whole season for $500.00 The majority of our patrons live along the First Coast from Jacksonville to St. Augustine and Palm Coast. They are generally successful, college educated and own their own home. With three major productions this season over six performance dates, First Coast Opera expects to distribute 2,000 playbills between October 2023 and March 2024. Take advantage of free design and typesetting.  Optimize your campaign with the ability to change your ad for each of our three productions (October, New Year’s, and March).

Contact us today for rate sheets and to discuss all your questions!


Be an Advertising Maestro

Full Page Ad, $750.00

4.5” by 7.5”   

Half Page Ad, $ 500.00

4.5" by 3.75" 


  • Typesetting services will be available for your ad copy. 

  • You may change your ad copy for each program

  • You may offer a coupon or include a QR code.

  • Listing in our donors’ section of the playbill as a Maestro Level Donor.

On our website, 

  • We will include your logo on the Sponsors' page

  • We will give you a listing on our directory page, "What do to after the show" (as appropriate).


Email us today with questions or to make your reservation. 

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Additional Advertising Opportunities

¾ page, $375

4.5” by 5.625”  

½ page, $250.00

Horizontal, 4.5” by 3.750”

Vertical, 2.25” by 7.50” 


¼ page, $125.00

Horizontal, 4.5” by 1.875”

Vertical, 2.25” by 3.75” 

Email us today with questions or to make your reservation. 


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