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Directing an Opera

By Helena Binder, Director La Traviata -- My preparation for directing any opera starts months before the rehearsals begin. Even if, as is the case here, the opera is one I have staged before, the scenic and costume designs influence how the story is to be presented. Although our production of La Traviata would be considered "traditional" in its set and costumes, I approach every production as if the opera has never been seen before. Each cast, each maestro brings new life to the story and it is always important to me to let the singers' own personalities and ideas help shape the characters as that tends to make those characters more real on the stage. Often something comes through in the rehearsal room that, in all my planning, I had not considered, and breathes new life into the interpretations the audience sees in performance. My job is to consider all the elements, ideas, designs and interpretations and bring forth one coherent production that the audience can understand and enjoy.

Helena is pictured center front, in black, at the performance of La Traviata New Year's Eve 2021

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