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Die Fledermaus to Entertain on New Year's Eve

Did anyone ever play a practical joke on you, inspiring you to concoct an elaborate scheme to get even?

That’s the setup for Die Fledermaus. And the Viennese operetta itself is the concocted scheme! More specifically, two friends, Dr. Falke and Gabriel Eisenstein, attended a costume party three years earlier.

Eisenstein dressed as a Butterfly and Falke as a Bat; that is, a Fledermaus. Eisenstein, instead of driving an inebriated Falke home, left him on a park bench to awake and walk the crowded Sunday morning streets in his bat costume. Falke plotted his revenge, which plays out over three glorious musical and theatrical acts in Johann Strauss Jr’s Die Fledermaus. Perhaps because of its party atmosphere, perhaps because of its ode to champagne, Die Fledermaus has become a New Year’s tradition around the world.

We are delighted to produce a new fully-staged production in Saint Augustine, performed in English with orchestra, as we usher in 2023. I hope you will join us!

Curtis Tucker

General & Artistic Director

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